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Research Highlight

A major focus of ongoing research at UC Irvine is to develop new therapeutic strategies designed to limit ongoing demyelination while repairing damaged nerve tissue.

Our Mission: To Establish a Center of integrity and responsibility, dedicated to treating Multiple Sclerosis, improving care, and advancing science to find a cure.

Our Vision: To Develop cutting-edge therapies for long-term effective treatment of Multiple Sclerosis by limiting the severity of demyelination as well as repairing nerve tissue damaged by the disease.

Our Goals: Three short-term goals of the MSRC are to expand pathways of discovery, recruit more physician researchers who will accelerate UCI’s ability to provide quality care for patients, and become one of the nation’s leading MS research and treatment centers.

Longer-term goals will include developing interventional therapies and performing clinical trials through association with the UC Irvine Medical Center.

The goals of the MSRC will be realized through Research, Education, and Patient Care:

Areas of Research:

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Immunology of MS
  • Genetic Studies
  • Imaging

Commitment to Education:

  • Information for Patients and their Families
  • Continuing Medical Education for physicians
  • MS Fellowships for new doctors
  • Community Education and Outreach

Patient Care:

  • Physicians and staff who are committed to quality patient care
  • Access to all UC Irvine medical specialists
  • Comprehensive care, including support for patients and their families
  • Clinical trials for new research