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Research Highlight

A major focus of ongoing research at UC Irvine is to develop new therapeutic strategies designed to limit ongoing demyelination while repairing damaged nerve tissue.

Neural-immune interactions in neurodegenerative diseases: Innate and adaptive neuroprotective and regenerative mechanisms

Tuesday May 7, 2013. Robe demoiselle d’honneur verte Neuroscience Research Building (NRB) Auditorium Cosponsored by the CTSI*, Brain Research Institute, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center Robe demoiselle d’honneur longue

Scientific Program

8:30 Introduction James A. Waschek, Ph.D. (UCLA) 8:40 Berislav Zlokovic, M.D., Ph.D., University of Southern California Blood-brain barrier and neurodegeneration http://www.usc.edu/schools/medicine/research/institutes/zni/faculty/profile.php?fid=347 9:30 Dennis Bourdette, M.D., University of Oregon Mitochondria permeability transition pore activation and axonal degeneration: implication for the treatment of multiple sclerosis http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/research/centers-institutes/neurology/jungers-center/research/bourdette-lab.cfm 10:20 Coffee break, posters 10:40 Stanley Appel, M.D., Methodist Hosp. Research Inst, Houston, TX T Cells Step up to the Plate in Lou Gehrig’s Disease http://www.methodisthealth.com/nineurology.cfm?id=37360 11:30 Jonathan Kipnis, Ph.D. University of Virginia Immune System – Guardian of the Brain: Implications for Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Diseases http://www.medicine.virginia.edu/basic-science/departments/neurosci/faculty/kipnis/home-page 12:20 Poster session (NRB Foyer, catered refreshments) 1:30 Adjourn For more information, please contact James Waschek, Ph.D. at jwaschek@mednet.ucla.edu, or Ms. Nadia Conway at NConway@mednet.ucla.edu *NIH/NCRR/NCATS UCLA CSTI Grant UL1TR000124