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Research Highlight

A major focus of ongoing research at UC Irvine is to develop new therapeutic strategies designed to limit ongoing demyelination while repairing damaged nerve tissue.

The overall goals of the UCI Multiple Sclerosis Research Center (MSRC) are to identify new targets for treatment of MS that are focused upon dampening ongoing neuroinflammation as well as promoting repair of damaged nerve tissue. The selected faculty that are members of the MSRC are recognized experts within their fields of research. Each area of research focus from participating members (derived from both the School of Biological Sciences and School of Medicine) compliments the others allowing for a comprehensive research program to achieve our research objectives.

Research interests of participating faculty range from understanding how microbial infection of the central nervous system (CNS) may initiate autoimmune demyelinating diseases, using 2-photon microscopy to better understand how activated immune cells traffic into the CNS and participate in myelin destruction, evaluating the therapeutic benefit of neural stem cells (NSCs) in promoting repair of demyelinating axons, identification of novel targets to limit access of activated immune cells into the CNS, to developing robotics that may eventually aid in restoration of motor skills.

I invite you to visit the link to the Faculty Listing to learn more about the exciting research that each of our participating faculty are working on that will one day lead to successful treatments of MS as well as other human demyelinating diseases.

Dr. Craig Walsh
Director, UCI MSRC

Michael Demetriou, M.D., Ph.D
Director, UCI MSRC